Bespoke funeral flower
arrangements across Chorley

Lancashire funeral flowers from the Gilded Lily

Popular Chorley funeral floristry services:

Casket Sprays - whether traditional or more contemporary, a casket spray is the perfect way to show the love you feel for your departed loved one. Across Chorley, funeral casket sprays are recognised as a mark of respect from immediate family members. From £60.00.

Pads / Cushions - Solemn yet heartfelt, a funeral posy or floral cushion offers a sense of peace and tranquility at a time of sorrow. Carefully chosen flowers ensure the humble, deeply respectful effect that is the hallmark of our Chorley funeral flower arrangements. From £35.00.

Hearts - Funeral flowers in a heart-shaped arrangement express love and support for the departed loved one and their family. These kinds of Chorley funeral flowers can be designed in a variety of styles, from traditional roses to affecting contemporary arrangements. From £55.00.

Please ask to see examples of the many beautiful floral arrangements we have created in the past.

Funeral flowers created with compassion and expertise at a most difficult time

Choosing funeral flowers is never an easy task, coming as it does at a time of great sorrow, loss and confusion. The Gilded Lily’s Chorley-based funeral service is designed to ease your burden by allowing you to rely on skill and genuine care as well as professionalism. We understand that the process of selecting a floral tribute may be tied up with all kinds of memories and mixed emotions, so ours is an unhurried service that lets you be sure of the choices you make.

We focus on providing a bespoke Chorley-based funeral flower service, which means we can create a truly unique tribute for your loved one. We understand the importance of paying your final respects with a personalised, heartfelt floral display - a final gift for a departed friend, relative or partner. The funeral flower arrangements we create are inspired by your own feelings and remembrances, and guided by our years of skill. A book of various images is available at our serene woodland workshop, providing useful inspiration at a challenging time.

As well as offering our own suggestions, we work closely with local funeral directors to help create a floral tribute that is in-keeping with the service you choose. We have a particularly close association with Carl and Brett Kenyon, the proprietors of Meridian Funeral Home in Chorley, but will be glad to discuss the flowers with the funeral director of your choice.

Chorley funeral flowers from the Gilded Lily

Some of our most popular funeral flower services are listed below and to the left; however, in our role as bespoke Chorley funeral florists, we have also been commissioned to provide alternative funeral flower arrangements that reflected a specific aspect of the departed’s life, such as a hobby or passion. Such arrangements are sure to awaken warm memories at a time of sadness, allowing for fond smiles amid the tears. For full details of our bespoke arrangements, please get in touch.

Crosses - a funeral flower arrangement in the shape of a cross is a powerful statement of faith and devotion in the midst of your grief. This kind of funeral arrangement can provide great comfort at this difficult time, and help you to say goodbye with a measure of peace. From £55.00.

Wreaths - a circle of flowers depicts love never-ending, and is a suitable way for friends or non-immediate family members to offer their support. The Gilded Lily has provided many such funeral flower arrangements to families in Chorley and across Lancashire. From £35.00.

Names - funeral flowers from the Gilded Lily can also be presented as a loving name display, a perfect personal tribute to a cherished friend or relative. These delicately arranged flowers are a poignant way to bid farewell. Mum / Dad £90, additional letters £30 each.