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Yes, wedding season is upon us already – beautiful blushing brides-to-be across the land are making all those essential preparations and busily ticking things off lists. Shoes, check. Dress, check. Venue, check. Groom… check. But have you organised the flowers? It’s a question often asked by anxious mothers and friends, and it’s all too often met with nothing but a blank stare.

It really surprises me how many couples don’t get their wedding flowers sorted until the last minute. The dress was probably bought months before, and the venue might well have been booked before it was even built, but for some reason the flowers often end up an afterthought. It’s not as though booking your florist at the last minute makes the flowers any fresher – in fact, planning is key, and the more notice you give, the better the result!

Your flowers deserve as much attention as any other aspect of your wedding. Since time immemorial, they’ve been a talking point for friends and relatives long after the confetti has been swept away. Other details will be forgotten, but the memories of the bouquet, the buttonholes and the table decorations will endure. In a way, they serve as focal points of the beauty of the occasion. And when it comes to looking at the wedding pictures, I doubt there’s a single bride who says “you know, I’m really glad we cut costs on the flowers”.

Taking some time to plan your wedding flowers enables you to make them a more relevant part of your celebration. This isn’t a time for saying “that’ll do”, or for shrugging and leaving it to your florist – of course they’ll always work with you to realise your ideas, but your flowers are another way in which you should express the character of the day. Wedding favours, best man’s speeches and first dance songs are always deeply personal, so it stands to reason that your flowers should be too.

Gone are the days of a one-bouquet-suits-all approach to wedding flowers. Nowadays, the possibilities are endless. Exotic flowers, delicate foliage, jewels, coloured wire, lights… I’ve even used Lego characters for groomsmen’s buttonholes! The more thought you put into your flowers, and the more ideas you can come up with, the happier you’ll be with the end result.

Your own tastes and ideas are as much a part of your wedding flowers as everything else, and offer a unique way to surprise and delight your guests with an expression of what makes you a special couple. So get your thinking caps on, throw some ideas around, and you can make this oft-neglected part of your wedding a day a pleasure. Need to know more? Call me on 01257 241314 or send me an email and together, we can create unforgettable wedding flowers.

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