Alternative wedding flowers from the Gilded Lily

Whether she admits it or not, the question of style is one of the key concerns for every bride-to-be. Deep down, on some level even the most self-assured, materialism-rejecting modern girl (and modern boy too) wants people to go “oooooh” on the big day.

The days of old, new, borrowed and blue aren’t exactly gone, but nowadays couples tend to look a little wider, to create a completely unified look for their celebration. Colour schemes are co-ordinated, fabrics are chosen, shoe shops are scoured for the perfect look. Even the consciously “boho” and rustic-themed weddings take an awful lot of designing. You can’t just throw some accessories together and assume it’ll work.

So we return to the idea of style, and how this applies to your wedding flowers. Just a quick internet search for “wedding flowers” will immediately present you with countless images, a bewildering array of inspiration. Many are good, some… less so, but either way, as with every part of your wedding, it’s important not to be overwhelmed as you decide on how you want your flowers to look.

Every wedding florist worth their salt will work with you to design floral arrangements that don’t just complement the look of your wedding, but genuinely lift it to another level. Remember, florists have a huge amount of experience of the diverse kinds of flowers and foliage out there, and chances are they’ve designed flowers for many different celebrations, so once they understand the look you’re wanting to create, they’ll make suggestions that would never have occurred to you in a million years.

However, simply choosing a florist doesn’t automatically take care of things – your input is so important, and to get the best results you need to play an active role in planning the flowers. Before you meet your florist, think about the look you have in mind for your wedding, and you’ll be ahead of the game when you come to discuss the flowers themselves. Bring pictures of wedding flowers you like, colour swatches, fabric samples… it all helps to give your florist a clearer idea of how they can create something amazing for your day.

You don’t have to be constrained by convention or what you perceive to be the expectations of others. Just as the concept of marriage itself has expanded and changed over the years, so the flowers have changed too. Liberate your thinking and you’ll open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities. As an example, a bridal bouquet doesn’t have to be a basketball-sized hand-held arrangement; in fact, this might be absolutely the wrong choice for you. A single pristine flower can be just as expressive, and might fit the style of your wedding perfectly. Similarly, the days of “lilies for funerals” are over; they’re just as beautiful for weddings! The right flowers for your wedding are just that – right for your wedding, and nobody else’s.

So take a little time to be clear on the style you want for your wedding, and let this inspire every aspect of the planning. Having a clear vision for your celebration means you know what you’re working towards!

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