Summer wedding flowers

You can’t fail to have noticed that the great British summer has arrived in earnest. (And if you haven’t noticed, I hope it’s nice and cosy beneath that rock you must be living under!) But as you all head for the nearest park on your days off, and lounge majestically on garden chairs, it’s worth bearing us florists in mind, as we work to make your wedding flowers the best they can be, under surprisingly tough conditions.

I know, I know, it sounds like I’m complaining about the weather – and believe me, I’m not! It’s wonderful to see the sun shining, and bright summer flowers offer so much inspiration. But for wedding flowers to look their best, they need to stay cool and moist. Even the most avant-garde bride doesn’t want a bouquet of withered, scorched roses. It’s just not a good look. So what to do? How can you be sure of having great wedding flowers without postponing your big day until autumn?

It’s all in the preparation. First of all, we source the freshest possible blooms from local English growers and Dutch flower markets and, for those more exotic flowers, reputable international growers. By using the best blooms, we ensure quality from start to finish. You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, let alone a gorgeous wedding bouquet!

Next, we make sure our wedding flowers are all stored correctly while we work. Coolness is essential, as is the right level of moisture to keep flowers perky and fresh without becoming damp. The atmosphere in our workshop is carefully controlled to keep all our flowers as fresh as they can be. The groom might wait around forever for you to be fashionably late (and rightly so), but your wedding flowers won’t.

Efficiency is another magic ingredient. We work within tight, but very carefully calculated timeframes, so not only do we get wedding flowers at their freshest, we then create all our arrangements as soon as possible, paying attention to every detail and – quite simply – getting the job done. Time is always of the essence if your arrangements are to look their absolute best, and that’s what we’re here for.

“But surely,” you must be asking, “that’s not all? Surely there must be some other secrets to keeping wedding flowers from wilting on a hot summer’s day?”

Well, yes, of course there are – if it were that simple, everybody would be creating wedding flowers. And that’s precisely why The Gilded Lily’s wedding floristry service is so sought-after!

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