Hoghton Tower wedding flowers from the Gilded Lily

I like to think that every wedding venue has its own charm, beauty and unique selling points, and each one can make a great setting for a celebration in a different way than any others. Inevitably, though, some venues have more to offer than others, and my experience of creating wedding flowers at Hoghton Tower certainly bears this out.

Don’t be fooled by the name: Hoghton Tower is more than a straightforward tower. Yes, there is a turret with amazing views, but it’s also an imposing fortified manor house in an awe-inspiring hilltop position between Preston and Blackburn and, as the ancestral home of the de Hoghton family, has connections back to William the Conqueror. If these walls could talk…

I’ve been a preferred wedding florist for Hoghton Tower for a number of years and have created arrangements for all kinds of weddings and celebrations. Every time, I’ve been struck by the magic of the place; you do genuinely feel like you’re tip-toeing across history as you cross the brooding ramparts. It’s always a pleasure to design floral arrangements that will not only reflect what each couple wants, as well as doing justice to the majesty of the building itself.

Some people ask me what the benefits are of using a florist that’s familiar with a venue. Isn’t it better to have someone with a fresh eye for things? Won’t familiarity breed contempt, leading to unimaginative arrangements? Absolutely not! In order to do the very best job of designing wedding flowers for Hoghton Tower and venues like it, you have to understand the location on more than a superficial level.

My work as a wedding florist at Hoghton Tower has allowed me to discover so many details that a quick “reccie” would have missed. The Tower is packed with architectural features that can accentuate my work, and knowing the nooks, crannies and vantage points means that I can make the place look its absolute best.

Remember, my role as a Hoghton Tower wedding florist is about so much more than creating a bouquet and a set of buttonholes. The Banqueting Hall, where most wedding breakfasts are usually held, always elicits gasps of wonder from guests, and even when the happy couple have chosen a clean, minimal look for their decor, this elegant room is ripe for the decorating with gorgeous flowers. Likewise, there are archways and stained-glass windows aplenty, just waiting for stylish adornment – all part of the Hoghton Tower wedding flower experience that can only be created by someone who sees the full potential in the site.

You’ll find this to be the case with many wedding suppliers: it’s always best to work with experienced professionals who know their craft and can adapt their skills not just to your ideas, but to your venue too. Nobody wants to trust the beauty of their wedding to beginner’s luck – it’s simply not a day on which you should be taking chances!

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