Unique wedding flowers from the Gilded Lily

I’ve been creating wedding flowers for a number of years, and in that time I’ve worked with all kinds of couples having all kinds of celebrations in all kinds of venues. Whatever the circumstances have been, though, there’s always been one consistent element – a couple’s need for great customer service.

This might sound like a case of teaching Granny to suck eggs, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Wedding floristry is meant to be a bespoke art, and yet on far too many occasions, I see arrangements which look, well, much like other arrangements. There might be beautiful flowers, there might even be a little flair in the execution, and fundamentally there’s nothing wrong with these displays… but there’s something lacking. Without a spark of inspiration and genuine creativity, even the most beautiful flowers don’t reach their full potential.

I’m a firm believer in working to create something new for every couple. This is their big day, the event which has had countless hours of deliberation and effort put into it. If the happy couple are giving 100% to the occasion, so should everyone who’s providing their services. Anything less is a compromise – and who wants to feel like that on a wedding day? Wedding flower arrangements should be designed from scratch, to be as unique as the couple they’re created for.

Now, before the design brigade comes out in force, I know that when it comes to wedding flowers, some design principles are universal. If some flowers simply don’t go together, no amount of rearrangement will make them look good. An understanding of these principles underpins the extensive training that distinguishes a professional wedding florist from someone who simply puts flowers together for money.

What I’m wanting to say is that no wedding florist can ever view a couple as “another wedding”, something to be processed and got out of the way. Adhering to good design rules is one thing, blindly duplicating your work quite another. If you’re working from a template to create a floral arrangement for a couple, you’re doing it wrong.

When booking wedding flowers, couples shouldn’t accept anything less than the best, and florists shouldn’t be providing anything that falls short of beauty, creativity and panache. Sound like a challenge? You bet it is – but in the world of wedding floristry, surely we should all be striving for perfection.

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