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Colour, form and texture in wedding flowers

When they come to me for wedding flowers, some couples have a clear idea of what they want. They’ve planned their day with military precision and they know exactly where my work fits into their Grand Vision. Other couples, though, have less of an idea, and I’m sometimes asked the simple yet daunting question… “you’re a florist – what do you think would look good?”

Unique wedding flowers from the Gilded Lily

I’ve been creating wedding flowers for a number of years, and in that time I’ve worked with all kinds of couples having all kinds of celebrations in all kinds of venues. Whatever the circumstances have been, though, there’s always been one consistent element – a couple’s need for great customer service.

2016 wedding flowers

For many brides (and grooms too, but let’s face it, it’s often the ladies who make things happen), planning a wedding is a full-time job, hobby and obsession in one. Absolutely no detail is left unattended. It sounds extreme, but I think it’s so much better to be prepared, particularly when it comes to 2016 wedding flowers. Here’s why…

Hoghton Tower wedding flowers from the Gilded Lily

I like to think that every wedding venue has its own charm, beauty and unique selling points, and each one can make a great setting for a celebration in a different way than any others. Inevitably, though, some venues have more to offer than others, and my experience of creating wedding flowers at Hoghton Tower certainly bears this out.

Alternative wedding flowers from the Gilded Lily

Whether she admits it or not, the question of style is one of the key concerns for every bride-to-be. Deep down, on some level even the most self-assured, materialism-rejecting modern girl (and modern boy too) wants people to go “oooooh” on the big day.

Late availability wedding flowers from the Gilded Lily

Planning a wedding is hard work, and anyone who tells you otherwise is being a little less than truthful. Since time immemorial, eager brides and grooms everywhere have spent hours agonising over lists, brochures and – in more recent times – websites, attending to the details right up until the very last moment.

Real wedding flowers

More and more people are asking me about the prospect of using artificial wedding flowers, rather than fresh ones, or a mix of the two. It seems to be a slowly growing trend, but I have some very serious reservations about it.

Creative wedding flowers from the Gilded Lily

Yes, wedding season is upon us already – beautiful blushing brides-to-be across the land are making all those essential preparations and busily ticking things off lists. Shoes, check. Dress, check. Venue, check. Groom… check. But have you organised the flowers? It’s a question often asked by anxious mothers and friends, and it’s all too often met with nothing but a blank stare.

Summer wedding flowers

You can’t fail to have noticed that the great British summer has arrived in earnest. (And if you haven’t noticed, I hope it’s nice and cosy beneath that rock you must be living under!) But as you all head for the nearest park on your days off, and lounge majestically on garden chairs, it’s worth bearing us florists in mind, as we work to make your wedding flowers the best they can be, under surprisingly tough conditions.

Independent wedding flowers from The Gilded Lily

Nowadays, a lot of people seem to have a bad case of the “I can do thats”. Skills which used to be respected as specialised fields of expertise are gradually becoming saturated marketplaces. Photographers, for example, are springing up faster than you can count them – but they’re not real photographers with years of skill behind them, they’re just hobbyists who could afford a nice camera and some business cards. And now, it’s the same with the world of wedding flowers – but it’s not… Read more…