Entries for March, 2015

Free floristry ebook from the Gilded Lily

We all know flowers can make the perfect gift for almost any occasion, but as we’ve said so many times, blooms from the garage forecourt or local supermarket aren’t a patch on a well-thought-out arrangement hand-crafted by your local, independent florist.

Mother's Day flowers from the Gilded Lily

It might seem clichéd, but Mums really do still love to receive flowers on Mother’s Day – or any other time of the year, if it comes to that. So, now that Mothering Sunday is nearly upon us, maybe it’s time – for the benefit of all the bewildered kids out there – to take a fresh look (see what we did there) at why Mums just love those beautiful blooms.

Beautiful wedding flowers from an independent florist

People say you can’t expect anything in life for free – if you want to be successful, you have to make your own way. But for those of us who love floristry, who delight in the creative process, who relish the challenge of devising glorious arrangements for our clients, and who do this as independent florists, what does that really mean in a changing world?